Treat yourself with the premium Bourbon vanilla of Madagascar!

JEAN LOUIS LO TSU at your service

Specialized in the preparation and export of Bourbon vanilla, our company is located in Sambava, a North-East town of Madagascar, where the warm and humid climate remain favorable to vanilla plants.

Capable of working with different customers, our company exports every year various types of products of excellent quality, with the consistent philosophy: to prepare in the most optimal way the orders requested by the importers.

We master the different production steps of Bourbon vanilla, from collecting pods to sending orders, while conditioning and storing the products. In addition, our expertise allows us to adapt to the market climate, whether favorable or not.

For us, the loyalty of our customers is the reflection of our professionalism. As our company strive to always satisfy you, we make ongoing improvements in our production and conditioning process.

That is why JEAN LOUIS LO TSU today is recognized among one of the well-known export brands on the Big Red Island in regards to the Queen of spices.

Thus the Black Bourbon vanilla we export keeps a solid reputation around the world.


Our brand obviously takes the name of its founder JEAN LOUIS LO TSU. This respected and well-appreciated business manager in the region of SAVA * has a very in depth knowledge of vanilla preparation: a truly rich science from over more than twenty years of professional experience in the field.

Having developed his know-how from top preparation specialists of vanilla in his town, this perfectionist leader is particularly inspired by traditional methods to elaborate meticulous techniques, which are efficient and productive. JEAN LOUIS LO TSU also transmitted these techniques to his entire team, as he continues to perfection them again and again.

* Acronym referring to the North-East region of Madagascar, including the cities of Sambava, Antalaha, Vohemar and Andapa.